Thieves Spray Testimonies

Thieves Spray Testimonies

“When traveling, I always carry my Thieves® Spray. It fits easily into the required Ziploc bag for easy airport inspection of liquids/gels. Upon boarding, I immediately spray the air vent above my seat. When I sit down, I spray all the edges and the fastener on the tray table. These actions often prompt questions from other passengers and provide an opportunity to explain the great benefits of Young Living essential oils.”
– Nancy Davis in Young Living e-News Apr 25, 2012

“I discovered that Thieves® Spray can be used as a spray for household plants. I used it on my palm in the bedroom because it’s a bear to move outside and spray with toxic stuff. I kept it in place and tried Thieves. It smelled great and did the trick—no more toxic bug sprays on my plants!”
– Jan Mowka in Young Living e-News Jan 11, 2011

“I have two little kiddos and I know you need to dilute oils when using them on kids. Recently many of their friends were getting sick, so every day I sprayed Thieves® Spray on their chest and feet and rubbed it in a little. It didn’t irritate their skin and they stayed well!”
– Maggie Witherspoon in Young Living e-News Nov 23, 2010

“The mosquitoes come out more at dusk, so while working in my garden last evening I was severely bitten. My arms and ankles were covered in mosquito bites and were very itchy. I sprayed Thieves® Spray on my arms and ankles and there was immediate improvement—it was wonderful! I love Young Living products!”
– Diane Winters in Young Living e-News Sep 29, 2010

“We have had a lot of trouble keeping the enclosed garbage can smelling clean. I have used everything, even bleach. I got my package of Thieves® and tried Thieves Spray in the garbage can and for the first time we have not had that foul odor when you open it anymore! It’s absolutely amazing stuff and I don’t have to spray it often either. That really amazed me!”
– DeAnna Haagenson in Young Living e-News May 18, 2010

“I am allergic to bees and it seems that they are attracted to me for some reason. When bees come around, I spray Thieves® Spray in the air around me. I cannot believe how well it works. It doesn’t kill the bees; they just fly away from me. Thanks for this product!”
– Sandy Lee in Young Living e-News May 4, 2010

“My small container garden was being eaten alive by all manner of insects and snails at the beginning of last summer. I sprayed everything liberally with Thieves® Spray (on top and under leaves and around the
lip of the bin). I haven’t seen another pest around there yet and it’s April!”
– Karin Brock in Young Living e-News Apr 27, 2010

“For years, I have used Thieves® Spray to clean and prep my pet’s litter box. I dilute and spray the box before laying down more litter. No odor at all and it cuts down on germs and mold growth, keeping it clean and fresh for my pet and for me.”
– Dr. Vera Franco Dahm in Young Living e-News Apr 14, 2010

“Using those whiteboard message centers, did you ever mix up the permanent ink markers with the dry erase markers? Ouch! A single squirt of Thieves® Spray, a quick wipe, and the board is as clean as a whistle! Thank you Thieves!”
– Merry O’Brien in Young Living e-News Oct 21, 2009

” I love the Thieves line and use it for just about everything! Today while I was refilling the ink in our adding machine, I had a hard time getting the cartridge back in. The next thing I knew there was ink everywhere. My newly manicured nails and hands were black. It was on the adding machine as well as my husband’s beautiful walnut desk. I immediately ran for the Thieves Spray that I use for all my household cleaning. I washed my hands, dried them with a paper towel, and used the paper towel to clean the adding machine and desk. Voila! Ink gone and everything was clean. Thank you Young Living!”
– Lori Fonzi in Young Living e-News Oct 14, 2009

“To keep my house smelling fresh and free of unseen germs, I spray Thieves® Spray into the intake vent of our air conditioning system. I simply remove the main filter and spray several times into the intake duct, allowing the air to pull the spray into the entire ductwork system. Within seconds you can smell the Thieves all over the house. The air we are breathing is no doubt much healthier now!”
– Vickie Anderson in Young Living e-News Sep 14, 2009

“I had some older Tupperware containers that were yellowing and were sticky to the touch. I used my one-ounce bottle of Thieves Spray and a nylon scrubber, followed by a hot water rinse, and my Tupperware came out looking and feeling like new.”
– Betty Mae Johnson in Essential Lifestyle magazine, Vol 4 No 2

“I was visiting my sister out East this past summer and she was having a bad problem with ants on her kitchen counters. They were getting into everything no matter how good it was covered. For one or two days, whenever I wiped the counters down I would also spray Thieves® Spray on the counters. After that there were no more ants for the rest of my visit!”
– Renee Grimm in Young Living e-News May 4, 2009

“When I use up a bottle of Thieves® Spray I wash it out and then fill it with Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash. It just takes a squirt or two from this easy-to-carry bottle any time you need to freshen your breath throughout the day.”
– David Hunt in Young Living e-News Mar 30, 2009

“My husband had not picked up his acoustic guitar for more than three months, and the strings get sediment that builds up from lack of use. He grabbed Thieves® Spray and sprayed a little on the strings and it cleaned right up. The strings did not need to be replaced and he was ready to play!”
– Carole Dechaine in Essential Lifestyle magazine, Vol 4 No 1

“Many of us don’t realize how the beater bar in our vacuum cleaners pick up, carry, and spread germs; anything that comes in the door on your shoes will end up in your carpets. When you run the vacuum, you spread these germs everywhere and they find the environment on your beater bar ideal to thrive. I spray my beater bar with Thieves® Spray before and after each use. I also spray the floor of my closet where I keep my shoes.”
– Dana K. Shirey in Young Living e-News Mar 23, 2009

“I am a resource teacher in an elementary school and have many students in and out of my roon every day. Especially during the colder months, many of them have colds. I spray down my reading table, chairs, pillows stuffed animals, and even book baskets with Thieves® Spray a couple of times a day. I stay healthy and the room smells great! One child said he likes my room because it smells like Christmas.”
– Amy Umberger in Essential Lifestyle magazine, Vol 3 No 3

“Every time I change the linens on my bed, I spray Thieves® Spray generously and evenly on the mattress and the pillows. I feel that this leaves the bedding fresh smelling and free of those tiny things we can’t see. Sometimes I will also give the sheets and pillows a quick spray when making the bed. This keeps my sleeping area fresh between changing. I just love the smell of Thieves Spray!”
– Pam Jones in Essential Lifestyle magazine, Vol 3 No 2

“I was given a beautiful antique piano, stained a dark walnut color, that has had some stubborn white paint stain on the front of it for years from someone squeezing and scraping it through a doorway. Thieves® Spray removed almost all of the white stain almost instantly. One just has to be careful not to let the Thieves penetrate too long, in order to preserve the base color.”
– LaVonne Barnell in Young Living e-News Sep 30, 2006

“I used to suffer from dust mite allergies, especially during the winter months when everything is sealed up to keep out the cold. Now when I make my bed each week, I use Thieves® Spray on my pillows and bed sheets, which helps with my allergic reactions. I also spray the whole mattress when I strip the bed and mattress cover each month. Because I have hot air heating, more dust is generated in the winter months, and Thieves helps me control the situation.”
– Doris J. Bellero in Young Living e-News Jan 13, 2006

“My two year old got a hold of a permanent marker and colored all over my oak desk and my LCD flat panel TV screen. After trying the strongest cleaning chemicals in my house, the markings didn’t budge. In a panic, I called our local hardware store to see if they had anything that would get permanent marker out, and they recommended a product that was around $14 a bottle. However, the worker said it is such a hazardous chemical that it would probably ruin the LCD TV screen and eat the finish off my desk. Because of its toxicity, I declined and went home. When I got home I remembered my 1 oz. bottles of Thieves Spray. It dissolved the permanent ink out of the desk and the LCD screen beautifully.* It looks like nothing ever happened! Now that is what I call POWERFUL!”
– Angela Howard in Young Living e-News Jun 9, 2006

*Please test materials for color safety before applying essential oils

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