Thieves Household Cleaner Testimonies

Thieves Household Cleaner Testimonies“I spray the shower with Thieves Household Cleaner every day after use and the mold and dirt just disappears without scrubbing! Thieves is my own natural ‘cleaning bubbles.'”
– Donald Toomi, Young Living e-News Aug 31, 2012

“I have a front-loading washing machine with a dispenser for soap, bleach, and fabric softener, and in a humid climate the dispenser often grows mold. I found that adding 1 ounce of Thieves Household Cleaner to my detergent (1.7 gallons) and 1/2 ounce to my fabric softener (2.8 quarts) prevents any mold from forming, and my clothes are really clean as well!”
– Leslie Kinney, Young Living e-News Jun 6, 2012

“I dilute 1 tablespoon of Thieves Household Cleanser in an 8-ounce spray bottle and use it to clean my shower after every use. I simply spray the mixture on all surfaces, and when it comes time to clean, any grime easily wipes away. The more I use it, the less grime that builds up, and my shower smells purified too!”
– Rachel Newman, Young Living e-News Nov 2, 2011

“I make my own liquid laundry detergent in order to live toxin free. I add a half cup of Thieves Household Cleaner to about 2 gallons of detergent—it makes all the difference in the world! My clothes don’t smell of musty mildew anymore; they have a nice, fresh, clean, aroma. The washing machine also smells fresh again.”
– Mark Berberich, Young Living e-News Sep 7, 2011

“I never use dish detergent in my dishwasher. I simply add white vinegar and about a capful of Thieves Household Cleaner. It saves a lot of money by not using a dishwasher detergent and gets the dishes quite clean and germ free.”
– Veronica Frierdich, Young Living e-News Mar 23, 2011

“I love fresh fruit and vegetables, but I find they don’t last very long in the refrigerator before they wilt. My solution? I fill a pot with a splash of Thieves Household Cleaner, add water, and soak them for cleaning. After I shake the water out of the fruit or veggies, I bag them, put in a paper towel sprayed with my Thieves cleaner dilution, and close the bag. My fruits and veggies brighten up in color and stay fresh much longer. They seem much happier too.”
– Mary Clowers-Davis, Young Living e-News Oct 26, 2010

“I tried in vain to get my narrow-necked glass water bottles clean. No brush was long enough to reach the bottom and even running them through the dishwasher did not clean them completely. So I put a drop of Thieves Household Cleaner in one with a little hot water and a teaspoon of clean sand (dry rice also works), shook it up like crazy for a minute, and the bottle sparkled like new. I love Thieves products!”
– Zettelyss Amora, Young Living e-News Jul 13, 2010

“I have found that even my house plants can benefit from the natural benefits of Thieves Household Cleaner. Every time I water my plants, I add a cap or two of Thieves cleaner to the plant water. They seem to be healthier and actually bloom better when I do this. I have also been able to nurse a plant back from almost dying by treating it with Thieves cleaner. Within less than two weeks my dying plant had four new blooms on it. Thank you, Thieves cleaner!”
– Jilline Dodge, Young Living e-News Jun 29, 2010

“A family emergency took us five hours away for four days. A load of laundry was washing when we left, and forgotten about. On the way home I imagined the mildew and smell that would be coming from the washer when I opened it. But thanks to Thieves, there was no smell and no mildew! Here’s my formula per load: Two capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner and about the same amount of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. If your water is harder, add a bit of baking soda.”
– Lois Y. Loyek, Young Living e-News Jun 15, 2010

“My daughter’s stuffed animal was quite dirty, but I knew I couldn’t put it in the washer. I sprayed it with diluted Thieves Household Cleaner and rubbed gently with a clean towel. The lamb’s fur became white again!”
– Heidi Mischke, Young Living e-News Mar 16, 2010

“I use Thieves Household Cleaner, less than a capful, to clean my makeup brushes. It loosened the imbedded makeup beautifully and cleansed them at the same time.”
– Paula Nelson, Young Living e-News Jan 12, 2010

“Keep your jewelry sparkling! I use Thieves Household cleaner, diluted, in a small jar. I put my diamond wedding ring into the solution for just a few minutes and it comes out sparkling clean! Use it on any gemstones or gold, but be careful with pearls or opals. The dilution ratio is about a fourth teaspoon cleaner to a half cup of water.”
– Terry Croad, Young Living e-News Jun 15, 2009

“I put two tablespoons of Thieves Household Cleaner in a spray bottle with one cup of water and keep it by the side door where we keep our running shoes. A spray into the shoes once a week keeps them smelling fresh. It is truly amazing now when I walk by that door I cannot smell feet.”
– Fran Pacella, Young Living e-News May 18, 2009

“Our grandchild was over to visit while I was gone. My husband let him play with crayons and our two Yorkie puppies got the crayons and chewed them up. My husband tried to get the tiny bits up with the steam mop and when I arrived home I saw black and red streaks in the carpet—the steam had melted the crayons into the carpet. I used the steam mop again, but used Thieves Household Cleaner full strength on the carpet first. I just rubbed it in and then used the steam mop. To our amazement, all of it came out!”
– Diane Behrens, Essential Lifestyle mag Vol 4 No 1

“I have found a strange, yet very useful way to take advantage of Thieves Household Cleaner. I keep a bottle of the very mild mixture (mixed for glass cleaning) around the house at all times for any surface cleanup. Then I tried this: I have a large dog who has a sloppy beard and chin. His face smells terrible after he eats or drinks. I simply spray some of the cleaner on a rag and give his chin a scrub and the odor is gone! Works like nothing I’ve ever found! He doesn’t mind it either!”
– Samantha Whitener, Young Living e-News Mar 9, 2009

“I dislike the chemicals in the shower sprays available in most stores. But it’s Thieves Houshold Cleaner to the rescue! I now dilute Thieves cleaner (according to the glass cleaner recommendation) in a spray bottle and confidently saturate my wet shower with the solution without holding my breath and racing out of the bathroom after spraying. It really works!”
– Sally DiCesare, Essential Lifestyle mag Vol 3 No 4

“This weekend we used Thieves Household Cleaner to wash all the wood trim on the outside of our home. We put water in a large sprayer bottle with 4–5 capfuls of the cleaner. Not only did the wood trim clean up beautifully, but it also looked like we had repainted all the trim. The best part was there were no dangerous fumes, the rags were clean and fragrant, and we tossed out the water knowing it would not harm the grass. Now we are not only clean, but green!”
– Sabine Barnett, Young Living e-News Sep 5, 2008

“My daughter asked me not to use the chemical shampoo soap that comes with the rug shampooer. So yesterday I used two capfuls of Thieves Household Cleaner in a gallon of water in the shampooer. It cleaned my carpet and my house smells of no chemicals and smells so good.”
– Helen Mitchell, Young Living e-News Jul 3, 2008

“I found a chunk of gum stuck to our hall shag carpet. It had been there for several months, dried but thoroughly stuck to the fibers. I dabbed Thieves® Household Cleaner on a cotton ball, then rubbed it on the gum and let it sit for a minute. The gum literally just lifted off the carpet. You can rub your fingers across the treated spot. There is no way to tell there ever was any gum there!” – Kristen Grunewald in Essential Lifestyle magazine Vol 3 No 3 “I have a dry erase board for leaving messages, and a permanent marker was accidentally used on it. I used Thieves® Household Cleaner on it right away. After a few undiluted applications, Thieves took it off completely.”
– Riox Frosher in Essential Lifestyle magazine Vol 3 No 2

“My fountain in my front garden had become clogged and coated with algae. I decided to take it apart and wash it with Thieves® Household Cleaner. The caldron of the fountain is black, and it was hard to tell if I had scrubbed it completely clean. So when I put it together again and refilled it with water, I put two caps full of Thieves in it. It runs beautifully now, and smells great!”
– Susan Soderholm in Young Living e-News May 23, 2008

“I just have to tell you about another exciting use for Thieves® Household Cleaner I just discovered. I paint using oil paints and had run out of paint thinner to clean my brushes. I noticed I had some paint on my hands, so I used Thieves Household Cleaner, which took the paint off right away, and I thought, I’ll try this on my brushes. Don’t you know it cleaned them up beautifully and without having to worry about breathing in harsh chemicals. From now on I am using Thieves Household Cleaner to clean up whenever I paint!”
– Diana Ewald in Young Living e-News Apr 4, 2008

“My daughter plays high school volleyball, and after her last game she left her sneakers, knee pads, and foot brace in her gym bag, zipped it closed, and let it sit for two months. You can image the odor that greeted me when I finally opened up that bag! I put everything in the washing machine with some Thieves® Household Cleaner. I then took two capfuls of Thieves cleaner, put it in a plastic tub and immersed everything for four hours. When I took everything out, not only was the locker room smell completely gone, but everything actually smelled good as well!”
– Maria G. Turchi in Feb 15, 2008 issue of Young Living e-News

“While I was ironing, I ran my very hot iron over a placemat by mistake. This placemat looks like cotton but is mostly plastic. The bottom of the iron was a mess. When the iron cooled, I used undiluted Thieves® Household Cleaner to clean off the residue. It took some rubbing, but the sole plate came totally clean with no trace of residue. Now, I don’t have to trash my iron.”
– Michelle Ferrer in Nov 23, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“After being gone all day, I came home to see that a bouquet of fresh flowers had dropped petals on my heirloom pink linen tablecloth, leaving dark blue stains. I soaked the cloth overnight in a solution of Thieves® Household Cleaner and water, about two gallons of water to 1/4 cup of cleaner. In the morning, there were no stains and the tablecloth was undamaged!”
– Gloria Miller in Oct 26, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“I absolutely hate the smell that cooking fish in my kitchen leaves behind, so after a meal of fish I immediately mist diluted Thieves® Household Cleaner toward the ceiling in all the rooms. My house is refreshed and again smells great.”
– Faye Lonning in Sep 7, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“I cleaned the inside of my vehicle with Thieves® Household Cleaner. When I was all finished, I decided to give it a try on the outside, too. What a great job it did on the bug splatters and also on the greasy hubcaps!”
– Chris Behl, Aug 31, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“A couple of weeks ago, I was putting on my mascara in the car. (I wasn’t driving, though; I was in a parking space.) I accidentally hit the interior roof of the car with the mascara wand. But I kept forgetting to clean the area since I didn’t see it unless I looked up. I finally sprayed Thieves® Household Cleaner (diluted) on the mark and wiped it with a sponge. The spot came right out.”
– Phyllis Gustafson, Aug 21, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“I’m an elementary school teacher. I have white boards in my classroom, large ones mounted on the walls and also individual ones. I now use Thieves® Household Cleaner to keep them clean. Since it is not harmful, the class can actually clean the individual ones themselves! My first graders love it. I love the fact that there is no greasy residue, the tray for holding the dry erase markers wipes clean without smears, and I can breathe the air in my room after cleaning up. Life is so much easier with essential oil products.”
– Ruth Parker, Jul 27, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“When I lived on the beach in south Florida, a professional window washer shared his ‘secret formula’ for cleaning windows with little effort: add about 1/4 cup of white vinegar to a gallon of water along with three to four drops of dishwashing liquid. I use two capfuls of Thieves® Household Cleaner instead of the dishwashing liquid; the film dissolves like magic! I use a small towel to apply the liquid and a squeegee to clean it off. Floorto-ceiling windows sparkle in minutes!”
– Frances Fuller, Jul 13, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“I used Thieves® Household Cleaner (diluted) to rid my English ivy plant of tiny black bugs. It killed the tiny bugs but not my plant! Also, I got raspberry juice on my off-white pants and tried a prewash spot cleaner on them with no results. I thought of the diluted Thieves cleaner and sprayed it directly on the raspberry spots, and right before my eyes saw them disappear. I ask my husband to come watch before it was all gone so he could be my witness. I just love this stuff.”
– Joy Blanchard, Jun 1, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“I tried diluted Thieves® Household Cleaner on a plastic bowl stained with tomato sauce, and the stain came right out! I always keep a spray bottle of diluted Thieves cleaner under my kitchen sink and clean my entire house with nothing but that. I would never be without it and feel confident that when my grandbabies are crawling around on the floor, it is clean.”
– Kathy Heverin, May 18, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“I have not found a strong all-purpose cleaner that works as well as Thieves® Household Cleaner. I used the Thieves cleaner to get out a huge NingXia Red® stain on a tan carpet that had been there for many weeks. It worked like a miracle. I couldn’t even tell anything had been spilled. Since then, I have used diluted Thieves cleaner in a spray bottle to get out stains on all of my clothes.
– Corinne Allen, May 4, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“Thieves® Household Cleaner is a great product, and I don’t know why it’s not the only household cleaning product sold on this planet! I was getting ready to put my house on the market and needed to clean my furnace from rust and calcium build-up due to my AC unit. I didn’t have any type of rust-removing product and saw the bottle of Thieves. The results were remarkable. Not only did it remove the rust and calcium, it did so with little effort! It even worked on removing the rust from the concrete basement floor. I am pleased beyond words with this product and am finding more and more ways to use it! I love the fragrance and the fact that it’s natural so I’m not inhaling toxic chemicals. Thanks for great products that make life better and healthier to live!”
– David Mate, Feb 16, 2007 issue of Young Living e-News

“Thieves® Household Cleaner does it again! There was a brownish ring at the water level in my washer. I used Thieves Household Cleaner, and it easily removed the ring.”
– Jean Funada, Dec 15, 2006 issue of Young Living e-News

“I made the mistake of soaking my orchids in the bathroom sink. Over time, the silt settled in the pipes and they were completely clogged. No amount of plunging unclogged the mess of black mucky water. I poured a capful of Thieves® Household Cleaner down the drain, and it completely dissolved the mess. Truly amazing!”
– Sharon Thom, Nov 10, 2006 issue of Young Living e-News

“I had silk plants that had not been cleaned for a long time. I tried to use the silk plant spray from the store, and the plants still looked like they had a dirty film. So I got out my diluted Thieves® Household Cleaner and sprayed the leaves like I did with the silk plant spray. The dirt and grime rolled off the silk plant leaves, and they looked beautiful! I will no longer have to buy a separate silk plant cleaner. I just use Thieves.”
– Allie Benson, Oct 20, 2006 issue of Young Living e-News

GUM-BE-GONE* “One of my clients got gum inside the pocket of a school unifor shirt. I used Thieves® Household Cleaner undiluted right on the shirt, and the gum simply melted off!”
– Dawn Cable in the Sep 2006 issue of Essential Lifestyle

“I could not get my stainless steel refrigerator clean using anything until I used a diluted spray of Thieves® Household Cleaner and water. It works like a charm to wipe away those fingerprints!”
– Ivy Levinson, Aug 25, 2006 issue of Young Living e-News

“I was cleaning my oven with chemicals; they were not getting my oven clean, so I thought I would try Thieves® Household Cleaner. I applied it straight from the bottle on the area that needed the most cleaning and left it for about five minutes. I went back to wipe it up, and it came up clean as a whistle. I could not believe it! I will no longer use chemicals to clean the oven. Thieves Household Cleaner does the trick!”
– Penny LeClair, Aug 18, 2006 issue of Young Living e-News

“I am a car enthusiast, and I get oil and grease all over my clothes all of the time. I spray Thieves® Cleaner on my greasy clothes, and it cleans the stains better than anything on the market!”
– Terry Hueffed, Jan 27, 2006 issue of Young Living e-News

“Every fall, we get mold growing on the siding of our house, so last October, I cleaned a 4 ft. X 4 ft. area with Thieves® Household Cleaner. I sprayed it on, scrubbed it with a brush, waited five minutes, and sprayed it down with the hose. I showed my husband how clean it was, but he still chose to clean the rest of the side of the house with bleach. This October, I looked at that side of the house. Again, the seasonal mold is all over the siding…except for the 4 ft. X 4 ft. area I cleaned with Thieves last year!”
– Deb Bowman, Nov 23, 2005 issue of Young Living e-News


*Please test fabrics for color safety before applying essential oils. These tips come directly from a distributor and are passed on to you. The company assumes no liability for any damage caused by use of these tips.

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  1. Great little series of videos on Thieves Cleaner. This first one explains how it doesn’t bother her sensitivities but it’s still powerful enough to clean her heavy-equipment-diesel-mechanic husband’s truck. Go to her page to see the two follow-up videos.

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