Thieves Soap Bar Testimonies

Thieves Soap Bar Testimonies

“My husband travels frequently for business. As a health intuitive, I am very aware of all of the possible problems with viruses, molds, bacteria, yeasts, and toxins. He normally came home with something bothering him. After much discussion, he agreed to bring Thieves® bar soap on every trip. The result has been a much healthier husband upon return. Thank you Young Living!”
– DeAnna Haagenson in Young Living e-News Jun 22, 2010

“I have a wonderful tip for Thieves® Cleansing Bar Soap. I save the small piece after using the bar to scrub stains on laundry before washing. It works so great! I have removed lipstick, grease that was washed once and dried, and even a raspberry stain. All the stains came right out!”
– Jeanne Carper in Young Living e-News Dec 29, 2006

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