Inner Defense Testimonies

“One afternoon recently, my stomach began to bother me, my energy left me, and I developed a generalized sensitivity to cold. I took two Inner Defense™ softgels, bundled up, and took a nap. When I awoke about three hours later, I felt totally fine and have had no further problems. I am very thankful for Young Living!”
– Linda Hafenbredl in Young Living e-News Feb 8, 2011

“As a father of three, I need all the help I can get. I had no idea how many colds and sniffles my kids would bring home from school and playing with friends! Thankfully Inner Defense™ has rescued me on a number of occasions…”
Jason Dewey on Young Living Product Blog

“I came back from convention with all my wonderful new products and walked into an office full of sick people. I decided to put Inner Defense to the test. I first sprayed a mist of hydrogen peroxide in my ears then followed it with one of the Inner Defense capsules and a big glass of water.
I promise you, within about forty-five minutes, my fears were gone. I felt completely fine, whereas before lunch I was really concerned that I might have to go home. If you haven’t heard yet about Inner Defense, think Thieves, thyme, oregano, and citronella in a capsule. This is a powerful capsule.”

– Annette Chaffee in Young Living e-News Oct 5, 2007

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