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Thieves Premium Starter KitWholesale members in Young Living get a 24% discount off the retail prices shown on this website. Members are not pressured to buy or “push” products. There is:


Young Living simply requires the one-time purchase of a Starter Kit. Minimum is $45. Best value is one of several premium kits starting at $160.

The only on-going commitment is that a distributor must make an order of at least 50PV (roughly $50) each year (very easy to do). If 12 months go by during which a 50PV order is not made, the distributor is simply dropped from Young Living’s database and, if s/he wants to order again, there are options for reactivation.

As mentioned previously, distributors are not be pressured to buy or “push” products. On the other hand, building a business is a very real option. Most distributors are so pleased with these products that they tell family and friends. Distributors get credit for the purchases of people they refer and this has resulted in substantial incomes for many.

Free Products

Free products are offered each month when an order goes over roughly $200.

Additional Discounts

For additional discounts, distributors have the option of enrolling in the Essential Rewards Autoship program. Distributors are free to change products as often as they wish, as long as the value is over 50PV each month. And distributors are free to cancel at anytime, although there is incentive remain active because rewards grow more valuable over time.

Some of the benefits of autoship are:

  • 10% credit toward future purchases
  • Grows to 20% after 3 months
  • Grows to 25% after 2 years
  • Deeply discounted shipping (substantial with heavier products)

Add the value of free products and the 10-25% autoship credit to the 24% distributor discount and the savings can easily reach the 50% level.

Click here to become a wholesale member

As an alternative, call Young Living at 800-371-3515 and walk through the process with a live operator. Be sure to provide my member #110712 as Sponsor/Enroller.

Or you are more than welcome to call me and I’ll be glad to walk you through it.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions.

To Your Health,
Caleb Eaton
Young Living Independent Distributor # 110712

The $45 Basic Starter Kit is basically paperwork with one 5 ml bottle of the Stress Away blend and a few samples.

The $160+ Premium Starter Kits more or less include the Basic Starter Kit above for free, plus

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