Thieves Oil and Mold

Mold and Thieves Oil
Mold background image by Bob Blaylock

Mold expert stumbles upon amazingly powerful yet safe method of mold removal…in his wife’s aromatherapy kit

In 2005, Edward Close, PhD—a mold remediation consultant with 30 years experience in the environmental industry—was asked to do sampling for mold in an apartment complex that had been flooded, evacuated, and later put up for sale. The buyer, who was renovating the apartments, had paid a company which had used the strongest products available to remediation professionals. Yet Dr Close’s sampling showed that either the product had not killed the mold or that the mold had already re-established itself.

After much urging by his wife, he diffused Thieves oil in the apartments for a 24-hour period. The research project yielded astonishing results! And two weeks later they were even more astonishing!

In another instance, 10,667 stachybotrys mold spores per cubic meter were identified. After diffusing Thieves essential oil for 48 hours, Dr Close retested. Only thirteen stachybotrys remained. Similarly, 75,000 stachybotrys mold spores were identified in a sample of sheetrock. After 72 hours of diffusing, no stachybotrys mold spores remained.

Disappearing Mold Spores
10,667 to 13 in 48 hours
75,000 to 0 in 72 hours

Most remarkable to mold remediation experts are three factors about Thieves oil that merge to create a perfect storm against mold…

  1. It’s powerful.
  2. It’s safe. There may be many substances to help resolve mold issues, but often they are very unhealthy. So you exchange one set of less-than-optimal substances with another set and the building remains uninhabitable. In contrast, Thieves oil is consider by the FDA as safe for internal use. Homeowners with no mold issues often diffuse it specifically to be part of the atmosphere they breath in their healthy home.
  3. It’s long-lasting. While mold may be reduced immediately by standard remediation products, it often makes a fast comeback. Yet, in Close’s study, the spore count continued to decrease for weeks afterward.

Dr Close documented his first 20 case studies in his book Nature’s Mold Rx.

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