VIDEO: Thieves Cleaner / Thieves Dish Soap – Pharmacist Lindsey Elmore

Summary of Lindsey Elmore video from March 1, 2018

Let’s talk about what makes Thieves Dish Soap and Thieves Cleaner different from what you can get at the grocery store.

DITCH AND SWITCH: We like to encourage people to ditch what’s on the grocery list and switch to a superior Young Living product.

What we commonly find in household cleaners that may not be good for us…

  • Phthalates – Possible endocrine disruptors that change our hormone levels in ways we don’t exactly understand. The impact of phthalates will be different for every person. Some would have increases in estrogen while others would have decreases. Some people posit that phthalates in the environment may be a risk factor for birth defects. So it may be especially important to get phthalates out of the home when someone is pregnant or wanting to become pregnant. Phthalates also interfere with the intellectual development of babies and children and can cause preterm labor.
  • Triclosan – Has been associated with high rates of food and skin allergies. It can increase both estrogen and testosterone. And it is well known that triclosan passes into the blood, urine, and breast milk. The worse thing about triclosan is that it gets out into the environment and combines with chlorine and creates a compound known as a dioxin. Dioxins are known to be toxic to mammals, birds, and fish. Mammals: That’s us.
  • 2-Butoxyethanol – Can cause skeletal defects and it inhibits our coordination.
  • Perchloroethylene – Central nervous system depressant and a Class 2 carcinogen according to the World Health Organization.

Beyond those, there is a laundry list of typical ingredients that are simply irritants to the skin and lungs. Things like

  • chlorine
  • ammonia
  • quaternary ammonium species
  • sodium hydroxide

These are super-irritating when we breathe them in and may have harmful effects throughout the body.

Something we see again and again with things like dish soaps, laundry soaps, hand soaps, and toothpastes that have these ingredients is higher incidents of both skin allergies and food allergies. So getting all of the potentially toxic chemicals out of our environment can be a great way to help us be more tolerant to a wider variety of foods, as well as, potentially helping to prevent any adverse reactions to essential oils.

Fortunately, we have Thieves Household Cleaner!

Lindsey reads product claims for Thieves Household Cleaner…

Combining the strength of Thieves essential oil blend with naturally derived, plant-based ingredients, Thieves Household Cleaner brings you superior that’s just as safe as it is effective. This ultra-concentrated, multipurpose solution can be used on virtually every surface of your home and it is safe enough to use around every member of your family, including children and pets.

What’s really different about Thieves Cleaner? Instead of all the toxic chemicals listed above, it has two sulfate molecules…

  • Sodium Methyl 2-Sulfolaurate (derived from coconut oil)
  • Disodium 2-Sulfolaurate (derived from sugar)

These are molecules that act as surfactants. Think of surfactants as having two parts: a watery head and a fatty tail. They find fatty things—on dishes, on surfaces, inside clothes, wherever. The fatty portion of the surfactant molecule sticks to the fat substance and then the watery portion of the surfactant molecule brings it into the solution. Fat sticks to fat and then the watery portion pulls it into solution.

Decylglucoside (found in Thieves Dish Soap, Thieves Laundry Soap, ART Gentle Moisturizer and lots of other Young Living products) is also a surfactant that is especially gentle and mild. It is the surfactant of choice in baby shampoo.

Thieves Dish Soap also has fatty substances like Sodium oleate that help to moisturize your hands as you’re washing dishes.

Thieves Dish Soap Hack: If you want more bubbles, us it in an automatic soap-dispensing brush (with either bristles or a sponge on the end).

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