Black Plague Research Collection

Lord Have Mercy on London

An amazingly rich context for the legend of Four Thieves Vinegar is revealed with even minimal research.


The Cosmic Connection

  • This review of the book New Light on the Black Death: The Cosmic Connection which makes a convincing case that the Bubonic Plague was caused by comets.
  • Here’s an article that links a piece of Halley’s comet to “Justinian’s plague” in A.D. 541-542 — the first recorded emergence of the Black Death in Europe. A chunk of the comet likely slammed into Earth in A.D. 536, blasting so much dust into the atmosphere that the planet cooled considerably, a new study suggests. This dramatic climate shift is linked to drought and famine around the world.
  • This video offers a provocative conjecture that an encounter between our own planet and a cometary intruder may have caused an AD catastrophe, leading to the deaths of tens of millions of human beings — the so-called Plague of Justinian. (Video embedded below.)
  • Another video on the subject of life (including bacteria) being influenced by electrical interactions between the earth and sun and other astronomical events and how this may have been the root source of the Black Plague. (Video embedded below.)



Black Plague or Smallpox

Alternative Perspectives on Various Plagues

Spanish Flu



i771 Plague in Russia

Modern Outbreaks

Future Nightmares

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